Stationary Charger


for Battery Forklifts

JBY Series Battery Charger designed in Japan

Traction batteries for forklifts are operated under harsh conditions and its operation pattern is usually irregular. Usually the charging of batteries is performed during night time, whereby supervision is not present and at times, the batteries may not be charged properly. This causes an overcharged or undercharged battery. It is designed on many years of our research and experience to assure automatic charging is in proper and efficient battery charging work. Let JBY battery chargers assist you.

High reliability and efficency

  • Most popular charger with highest reputation by Japanese forklift manufactures.
  • Excellent cost performance with simple structure

Most suitable electric circuit for traction batteries

  • Can charge the batteries within 8 hours even if they were discharged 100% (include gassing process).
  • JBY charger can withdraw the performance from the batteries to the maximum and makes the battery for loner lasting purposes.

Easy operation

  • Only press the button once for starting. The charging process is indicated by LED lamps in the control panel.
  • NORMAL CHARGING or EQUALIZED CHARGING can be chosen by pressing the button once.
    * Equalized charging is strongly recommended once a month in order to prevent undercharging. The excess of it will cause overcharging and might make the battery life shorter.

NO attendance required

  • Automatic charging system eliminates the necessity of being present.
  • Regardless of the state, the batteries can be fully charged by JBY charger automatically.
  • Even if power failure occurs less than an hour during charging the charging will resume from the point of power interruption.
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